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Classic Europa is an entirely unofficial, fan-based celebration of the classic Europa games published by Game Designers’ Workshop (GDW) and Game Research/Design (GRD), from 1972-2000, plus selected honorary Classic Europa games.

Classic Europa also features a Classic Europa Group on Yahoo Groups for the discussion of Classic Europa topics, as well as articles, scenarios, designer's notes, and more on this website.


Winston HamiltonThis site is dedicated to the memory of Winston Hamilton. Winston was a key supporter and promoter of the Europa series, and his company, Game Research/Design, published many of the Classic Europa titles. Winston unexpectedly passed away in the year 2000, and his many friends and many fellow Europa players miss and mourn him.

See Classic’s tribute to Winston on the Legion of Honor page. The Europa Legion of Honor is an unofficial tribute to many people who made contributions to Europa. Be sure to pay homage to the system’s founders, Rich Banner and Frank Chadwick, and do not fail to leave an offering to shrine of Winston Hamilton!

Articles and Scenarios

WITD boxThis section contains full-length length articles and scenarios on a variety of topics.

Featured Scenario: Grande Fantasia Imperiale Scenario for Wavell’s War
The Grande Fantasia Imperiale Scenario is a “historical-hypothetical” scenario exploring whether, with just a few reasonable changes in policy and preparations, Italy could have wrested north-eastern Africa and the Near East from Great Britain in 1940-41. Italy’s big chance came in the spring of 1940, with France defeated and Britain’s army abandoning its modern equipment in the Dunkirk evacuation. Since Britain had begun rearming for war late, British industry needed considerable time to replace these losses. Britain itself also faced a fight for survival, as the Luftwaffe soon attacked Britain in preparation for a German amphibious invasion of the country. Never again during the war would Britain be as weak. Map of the Med and Africa

Designer’s Notes

SF boxDesigners’ Notes contains notes, comments, and suggestions about various Europa games by the designers of the games. These are a sample of what you can find in the Classic Europa Group.

Classic Europa Group

AWW boxThe Classic Europa Group is a Yahoo group celebrating the Classic Europa games. It has a mailing list and downloadable files, including Europa scenarios. The list is meant to be fun for its participants, so postings to the list are moderated to weed out the off-topic items and other unwanted material that unfortunately afflict unmoderated lists.

If you are interested in learning more about the group, including how to request membership, check out the group’s guidelines and rules.

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